Law & Tech Incubator | Apr 2020 - present

I co-founded the JURIST Digital Scholars Program to support  interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of law, technology and public policy. 

In the summer of 2020, we selected an inaugural class of 15 Digital Scholars. They hail from Harvard Law School, Yale University, and Stony Brook University. Their research will investigate algorithmic bias, model the effectiveness of police reforms, predict reader engagement with legal articles, apply Natural Language Processing to understand the US Supreme Court's decisions, compare data governance across countries, among other nascent topics at the frontier of law, technology and public service.

IOS application | Apr 2018 - Mar 2020

NewsElect aims to create an innovative way to read news by alternating between articles of different political leanings. To encourage people to read across the political spectrum, NewsElect pairs up the latest progressive and conservative articles on the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

NewsElect is committed to public service and not-for-profit. It has been featured on Phi Beta Kappa's newsletters, Digital Politics and Koren Jagoda, Allsides apps & extensions, Middlebury College's Innovation Hub, Jurist Legal News and Commentary, among other newsletters at NGOs and political organizations. 

Mobile application | Jan 2020 - present

I developed a mobile application for JURIST, an legal news service hosted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. This iOS app allows JURIST's international readers and columnists to access the latest legal news by topic and country. It aims to make legal content more accessible to a wider audience and to facilitate public policy discussions internationally.  

Stay tuned for the new releases in the next few months.

Fake News Detection
Web development | Feb 2019 - May 2019

"Fake News Detection" is an initiative I led in college that leverages Natural Language Processing to identify fake news. The creation of this Node.js app entailed both full-stack software development and frequent communication with political experts.

My team drew on many sources of knowledge: machine learning, front-end & back-end design, and their integration with a non-relational database.